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    New Member
    Hello guys

    I am new in this, I want to start self-learning mechatronics, atm I am reading book < Introduction in mechatronics and measurement systems> is that good start? I have Arduino uno r3 also. I need more tips should I maybe start learning some program language? So if someone is open to help with my start it would be great.


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    Hello and welcome.

    Get the Arduino up and working and start writing code. The Arduino uses a simplified(?) version of C++. There are 1000 of examples around the web. If you get stuck then simply ask here.



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    The majority of electronic projects, and certainly mechatronics ones, involve input devices, signal processing and output devices. I suggest you familiarise with various types of sensors (e.g for light, temperature, pressure or simply switch operation) and the drive requirements of various types of output devices (e.g. relays, lights, servos, actuators, motors, displays). As for the signal processing, that may be analogue or digital but increasingly is done with a MCU (microcontroller unit). So learning to program a MCU is a good idea. The Arduino is a good start, in view of its popularity and the available tutorials and open-source code for common projects.

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